Best Quote So Far

January 31, 2008

Re the product launch discussed earlier, we’ve gotten substantial traction with both traditional press and bloggers. I won’t cover it here – that’s work, not blog-life – but my favorite comment to date is here.

Why do I like it? Because of the frankness of the line “If Hoover’s doesn’t F#*% this up, Hoover’s Connect could be a viable alternative to LinkedIn.” That kind of honesty helps us know what the stakes are…thanks, Alarm:Clock!


3 Responses to “Best Quote So Far”

  1. Rob L. Says:

    Nice. Don’t f*ck it up then!

  2. rsomers Says:

    Thanks Rob! We’ll do our best. I don’t know that taking on LinkedIn is quite the intent – very different value prop and synergistic with LI – but that doesn’t lower the expectation.

    Worth thinking about the value of f*cking up in public, though. If f*cking up is considered the unpardonable sin, a company does big product launches with people knocking themselves out and tons of second-guessing and executive product management. Murphy’s Law, lack of ability to forsee the future, and other things kick in, and the big launch never measures up. Because a “Big Launch” company expects things to be perfect on launch, iteratively fixing the shortcomings that were exposed post-launch never happens. You & I could both name a ‘Big Launch’ company or two…

    …on the other hand, if a company does many small launches with the expectation (not intent) that there’ll be some f*cking up, that company will expect rapid iteration and ongoing plans to continually improve the f*ckups. (Think of Apple tweaking the iPhone pricing post-launch; controversial but the right thing to do when they realized they’d goofed on elasticity).

    If I sound smarter and more eloquent than usual here, it’s because this entire train of thought is borrowed from Tim Walker at

  3. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks for the link love, Russ!

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