Super Bowl Twitter Downtime

February 3, 2008

I love Twitter. Tuning into a stream-of-cyber-consciousness cascade from Web 2.0 cognoscenti is downright intoxicating if you pick the right people to follow. (Check out the feed in my sidebar or start following jowyang, missrogue, gapingvoid, and other bright lights). The short message constraint brings out the best in communication. The <140 character minimum, combined with the frequency of urls inserted in the text, creates a kind of techno-haiku. The best tweets read like a fortune cookie that’s so profound that you find yourself sitting and pondering it hours after everyone else has gone. Even after the busboy kicks you out you can’t stop thinking about it.

I hate Twitter. I hate it the way I hate anything that comes so close to perfect and then keeps screwing up (unless it’s the Cubs). Twitter is legendary for service outages. I suppose it’s better for Twitter to have service outages than, say, 911. But it still annoys me. I was enjoying following tweets during the Super Bowl but I knew it couldn’t last. Sure enough, the service gapped out. One would think they could see a spike in traffic coming for that day and time….

Update: Bud and others tell me that Twitter worked fine for them during the big game. Maybe it was my client (or, heaven forbid, operator error). So I’ll stop hating Twitter and get back to unconditional love, which is a more rewarding spiritual posture


3 Responses to “Super Bowl Twitter Downtime”

  1. Bud Caddell Says:

    Funny, I didn’t have any problems (for once). I live blogged all of the commercials …

  2. rsomers Says:

    Thanks Bud – other folks have told me the same. I wonder if it was related to my client (twitteroo) or something local. Hate wears me out anyway, I’ll turn back to love…

  3. Luke Kendall Says:

    Even now they’re still averaging out at around 60 minutes downtime each month. I’ve been monitoring them since mid-July (

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