Jeremiah Owyang, Bill Hicks and Rodney Dangerfield walk into a bar…

February 10, 2008


Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang must be hanging out with Bill Hicks, to judge from this post. OK, maybe not, since marketers are the Rodney Dangerfields of business.

Owyang raises great points about how social media can, in his words, ‘level the playing field’ between marketer and consumer. Read it – I won’t rehash it – and very cool if it comes to pass. It’s been nice to see how some new tools, such as Twitter, are more resistant to spam-type problems than earlier tools. (In Twitter’s case, it’s because you can choose to follow only those people who interest you, so a spammer must provide enough value to grow a crowd of followers. At the point that value is provided, spam is spam no longer – it becomes as tasty as filet mignon).

As for me, I can take the lack of respect. Even as a marketing weasel I’m slightly less unrespectable than my ambulance-chasing lawyer brothers.


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