Don’t Be My Lolcat Valentine

February 12, 2008


Someone came to this blog driven by the search string ‘I can haz cheeseburger Valentine.’

That visitor was brought by the combination of the cheeseburger in a can post and the Thinkgeek Valentine post. From a Search perspective I understand why it happened.

But I think someone was looking for a lolcat valentine. That’s the part I don’t get. Ms/Mr. Unique Visitor, I’m curious to know if you got what you were looking for…

Update: OK, there’s more than one surfer looking for lolcat valentine ecards. You can find them here or here. I’m here to help, not here to judge. UR HAZ HAPY VALUNTINE, OK?


3 Responses to “Don’t Be My Lolcat Valentine”

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  2. anonymous Says:

    This is great – because you discussed the matter and included links to two other relevant sites, this page is now the #2 Google hit for “lolcat valentine”!

    • Russ Somers Says:

      Some are born as the #2 Google hit for “lolcat valentine”, some achieve the #2 Google hit for “lolcat valentine”, and some have the #2 Google hit for “lolcat valentine” thrust upon them. I think I’m in the third category. But I’ll take it, and thanks for the comment!

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