Give ’em what they came for or give ’em something else

February 13, 2008

I’m enjoying record traffic due to a horrible search accident. I used the word ‘Valentine’ in one post and ‘haz cheeseburger’ in another, bringing me folks looking for Valentines with cute cats and misspelled words. Turns out that’s a hotter topic in early February than my philosophies on marketing. Who knew?

In response, I linked to sources for lolcat Valentines in this post (or go directly here for lolcat Valentines). That brings me to my philosophies on marketing. Give ’em what they came for or give ’em something else, but whenever possible give people value. If someone looking for lolcat Valentines drops in on a Marketing blog, they probably feel like their time has been wasted. Taking a few moments to link to sources for those Valentines is the least I can do.

We face something similar at my workplace. A Google search for ‘Apple Information’ brings back this page. The intent is to give value by sharing some information about Apple Inc as well as create interest by communicating that we have more information available to subscribers. Our phone number is at the top for those interested in becoming subscribers.

Occasional visitors misunderstand and think that the phone number is for Apple, not for us. They call expecting to reach the Apple switchboard. The Sales team calls that a ‘Yellow Pages call.’

When we get one of those calls, we should do two things:

  • Courteously inform the caller that they’ve reach Hoover’s, not Apple
  • Give the caller Apple’s phone number (it’s not like we don’t have it!)

It only takes a moment to give ’em what they came for or give ’em something else.


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