Snap, Crackle and Prize

February 25, 2008

This morning my four-year-old daughter got her first cereal-box prize – a Barbie watch. It was a hoot to watch her delight in getting unexpected loot along with essential vitamins and minerals.

I fully expect her to live up to her new role as an influencer on the next shopping trip. That’s OK with me. At the ballpark I always agitated for Cracker Jack for the same reason. It may be a tacky plastic toy, but value is in the eye of the beholder. I only get cranky (like Sunday’s monetization post) when value is extracted but not given.

Give my daughter a toy that makes her happy, I’ll buy your cereal over the next brand and consider it a fair deal. What can you include with your product that’s not a bribe, not an invitation to an upsell or cross-sell, but just a little package of delight? Delight works just as well in B2B as in B2C…iPods and iPhones prove that.

Hey Cascadian Farms, why not include a packet of seeds for the kids to grow or some other non-plastic non-trinket that fits with the healthy vibe?


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