Twitter Business Plan Contest Update

March 6, 2008


I have four entries so far in the first-ever Twitter Business Plan Contest. I’m impressed by the creativity so far packing high value into just a few (<140) characters. More than one person has compared it to a business haiku – fits with my belief that constraints unleash creativity. That’s why the most creative marketing is often from those with the smallest budgets.

I’d love to see more entries. Tweet a business plan to @hoovers! Details here. If you’re new to Twitter this is a great way to get you thinking about how the medium massages the message with new communication tools.

A couple people have asked what the prize is. I stand by the compelling offer of:

  • Bragging rights ’round the Twittersphere
  • The blank look you’ll receive from most people when you tell them “I won the first ever Twitter business plan contest”
  • A free RSS feed to my blog

Doshdosh has some other business uses for Twitter listed here.

Charlie, thanks for the business plan graphic. Looks like you’re in AusTex also – somehow I bet we know each other in meatspace.


One Response to “Twitter Business Plan Contest Update”

  1. Taher Khalifa Says:

    The diagram reflects the the optimal outcome of BP approach


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