Twitter Business Plan Contest Awards

March 9, 2008


Five entries in the Twitter Business Plan Contest. Five winners: because, in keeping with the current state of social media marketing, participation equals winning.

Here they are:

smallbiztrends smallbiztrends @hoovers Monetize answering research questions for readers on a section of my website – ad supported – listing fees featured research

@smallbiztrends wins the coveted ‘clearest articulation of how to make money in a ridiculously small number of characters’ award! Congratulations, smallbiztrends!

zackgonzales zackgonzales @hoovers pink eraser scentd cologne in pink parallellogram bottle, distro thru urban outfitters, archie mcphee, and scholastic book fairs

@zackgonzales ties for ‘best channel strategy’ and wins the ‘best use of olfactory imagery’ ribbon. 50 bonus points for using the word ‘parallelogram’. Great job, Zack!

AndyBeard AndyBeard @hoovers Business plan by tweet? Sim Startup (All formats – I am sure I could get Activision to publish)

@AndyBeard takes the award for ‘most likely to get the Egghead as a beta customer’, and ties with Zack for ‘Best Channel Strategy.’ Nicely done!

MarkMayhew TwitterTutor @hoovers I want in on your “business plan contest”: @TwitterTutor offers live training on Twitter

TwitterTutor wins the “I’m already doing it, why wait for some silly contest!” cup, leaving the rest of us in the dust.

Eric Callis omni @hoovers integrate twitter into a student management system to send notifications to Middle and High School parents and students.

@omni brings home the gold in the ‘most practical application’ sweepstakes and the ‘best chin authority’ prize! The award is null and void if my daughter hacks the system once she hits middle school, though. And she’s already got mad skillz for a 4-year-old.

Thank you all for playing! You’ve validated (in my mind, anyway) two principles:

  • That a medium like Twitter can be used as effectively as any other to communicate a business idea
  • That any good business idea can be boiled down to a few words. I’m always suspicious of any idea that requires a fifty-page deck and a one-hour pitch to explain it

Winners are entitled to a free RSS feed to Egghead Marketing, redeemable by clicking the RSS icon to the left. Winners also receive bragging rights. Now back to sxsw or back to the weekend, depending on your plans.


14 Responses to “Twitter Business Plan Contest Awards”

  1. Way to go Anita!

    Too bad there were only five, these were quite interesting to read through. Way to force someone to be creative in getting their point across.

  2. rsomers Says:

    Thanks Chelle!

    ~200 people viewed the contest post, so about 2.5% took the step to participate. That makes me think two things:

    1) The Twitter population is well above the ‘rule of 1%’ in participation, referring to

    2) I humbly recognize that I’ve got a ways to go in bringing folks in to the blog. But since I’ve only had it going since January I feel good about the progress and am delighted by the participation!

  3. Hi Russ, thanks for the acknowledgement. I think the business plan contest was a brilliant idea. I’ll be writing about this.

    Have a good one!


  4. rsomers Says:

    Anita, thank YOU for your brilliant tweet and participation! Good luck with the business. Serving small business is very close to my heart as both my parents were entrepreneurs. If I can ever help in any way, let me know!

  5. Zack Says:

    yeehaw fame and filthy lucre awaits!
    whens the next contest?

  6. rsomers Says:

    Congrats Zack! Based on your TwitBizPlan, my guess is you can come up with brilliant ideas quicker than I can…so when’s YOUR next contest?

  7. Russ Somers,

    I am still trying to figure out how I should use Twitter in my daily life… 😉

    Could you tell me how you came up with the name of your company (Egghead Marketing)?

    Anita: Congratulations to the award!

    All the Best,

    Martin Lindeskog – American in Spirit.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

  8. rsomers Says:

    Hi Martin!

    Working Twitter into the daily life is interesting…I tend to use it as a text version of a radio playing in the background. I ‘tune’ the radio by choosing to follow interesting folks and then keep it playing all the time. My attention wanders, but the stream of information/insight is constant.

    Egghead Marketing came up as a name because my nearly-bald head resembles an egg, and because of my fondness for the scene in ‘Cool Hand Luke’ in which Paul Newman bets that he can eat fifty eggs. No more thought than that…I just needed a nom de blog.


  9. Russ,

    Thanks for the mental picture on how to use Twitter. It was funny to learn about the name of your company and blog.



  10. Dirktc Says:

    nice work, brother

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  12. omodudu Says:

    I was just thinking about this over lunch. I came back to my desk and there was your post sitting on in my reader. Your latest post that is…

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  14. […] world-renowned blogger Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends (@smallbiztrends on Twitter) won a Twitter business plan contest last year, with this 140-character business plan: Monetize answering research questions for readers […]

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