Vicarious SXSWi

March 11, 2008

It’s been great following SXSWi via Twitter this year. I feel like I was there.

Why wasn’t I there?

Work commitments and a sick 8-month-old. I know it’s worth going – in a past musical incarnation I participated as a showcase artist several years and found the networking priceless. (Yes, the Egghead has a checkered past, and no, I won’t post links – that was long enough ago that not much of it is Googleable. MP3s on request).

If you went I hope you enjoyed your time in the small suburb south of Pflugerville, TX. I’d love to know your impressions, feel free to comment. Thank you for Twittering, I got a great deal out of it. The blow-by-blow of the Zuckerberg/Lacy rumble was priceless. And TWalk makes me want to be employee #11 at 37signals.


2 Responses to “Vicarious SXSWi”

  1. Rob L. Says:

    …MP3s on request…


  2. rsomers Says:

    …they’ve been slipped under the doormat! Hope all is going well, Rob!

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