Right Pitch, Wrong Customer

March 13, 2008


We stopped into a new coffeeshop in Pflugerville with the kids over the weekend. Tables were full, we sat at a counter. Electrical sockets were built into the countertops. We had two entirely different experiences.

The wi-fi warrior thought: “Thank you for making it easy to work here! I will be back!”

The mom thought: “Why would you put an electrical socket right in the spill zone of my four-year-old and my baby? Are you crazy? I will NOT be back!”

The exact same stimulus becomes a different experience for each customer. If you don’t know your customer, you can’t grok their experience.

Update: I deleted a paragraph including a recommendation on a child-safe outlet cover for the coffeeshop because I wanted to keep the focus on the principle. Reviewing blog traffic, I found someone had clicked on that link.

You’re the customer. If the practical advice on the outlet cover is important to you, it’s here.


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