Two Cents Worth Ten Years Later

March 14, 2008


Ten years ago there was a $0.02 postage hike. It happens. You go to the post office for $0.02 stamps so you can use up the rest of your pre-hike stamp inventory. It’s a small pain.

Ten years ago sent me a sheet of $0.02 stamps. There was a note saying “we wanted to do something nice for you, we didn’t know what you needed or wanted, but we thought these would come in handy.”

Ten years ago and I still talk about it. I start to tell the story. People say “There he goes with the stamps again.”

Ten years of word of mouth. Two-cent stamps. It wouldn’t have worked if it weren’t a surprise. Ambush your customers with love.


2 Responses to “Two Cents Worth Ten Years Later”

  1. Rob L. Says:

    Ambush your customers with love.

    Damn, that’s a great turn of phrase. Give yourself two gold stars and proceed to the head of the class.

  2. rsomers Says:

    Thanks Rob! That’s nice of you to say. Let’s hope an over-zealous or over-amorous marketer doesn’t misinterpret and become a stalker.

    But I’ve seriously been thinking that every day marketers are faced with a choice between marketing out of fear and cynicism or marketing out of hope and love. One can absolutely spot the difference in a campaign.

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