Google Streetview Freakshow

May 4, 2008

As the picture shows Google is moving faster than the speed limit in their effort to index our planet. Several sites feature Google Streetview catching folks at amusing moments. JimmyR has one, and the Google Street View Gallery is here.

Chris G and I spent time this afternoon looking at Steve Jobs’ Mercedes (snazzy) and our friend Jasen getting out of his minivan (not so snazzy, and spelled right). The Google Streetview picture of a dog doing his business makes my inner Beavis snicker but gets old quickly. One can play ‘Where’s Kevin Bankston‘ for fun, but move fast since he always has his pictures (smoking or not) removed. In short, Google has indexed our daily life and Google has yawned.

I propose that we mix it up. We can call this project ‘Google Streetview Freakshow’. Here’s how it works:

  • Some smart folks figure out when Google will be mapping a given area. We’ll need some inside help on this – Jon W, are you in?
  • Plant bizarre or unusual things on the route and organize flash mobs. A few ideas:
    • Wear jester hats, Kevin Bankston masks, anything you can think of
    • Recreate the cover photo from ‘Strange Days‘ by The Doors
    • Glue captions to neighborhood cats and create real-life LOLcats in ur streetvu
    • THE ULTIMATE: create a Google Streetview Freakshow Rickroll. Doing this will get you into geek heaven no matter what you’ve done
  • Find the photos and link to them in the comments on this blog. Or just submit the concept. Conceptual artists shouldn’t be burdened with execution

Google thinks we’re boring. Let’s strike back with a Google Streetview Freakshow!

Thanks to Google Streetview (of course) for the image and for permitting me to live on the planet that they clearly own


2 Responses to “Google Streetview Freakshow”

  1. Jon W Says:

    There is no way to know when and where the Google Streetview vehicles will be because we employ ninjas to drive them. The only way to be sure your project is a success is to perform your freak show each and every day that has good weather.

  2. rsomers Says:

    Thank you Jon! Good to hear from you. Austin and Pflugerville will be ready for your ninja drivers.

    It’d be a good prank to convince a bunch of people that Google Streetview vehicles will be driving by and get them to put on a freak show in front of ordinary, non-Google, non-ninja-driven vehicles. But I would never stoop to that level…would I?

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