Words Matter

June 19, 2008

twitter is over capacity

What do their words say about their worldview? Why say “Too many tweets” instead of “not enough bandwidth?” Are they asking us to tweet less? Would you like us to use/love your service less?

What does the image say about their worldview? Cute, but isn’t it impossible for happy twitterbirds to lift a whale? Is the message here “we’d like to serve you but in our hearts we believe it’s impossible?”

What about the happy smile on the whale’s face? Is the message “he doesn’t care that he’s not adequately supported and neither should you?”

Do I read too much into these things? Probably. And I continue to love Twitter.


One Response to “Words Matter”

  1. […] My 4 1/2 year old daughter drew this today. I don’t think I ever showed her the fail whale, despite blogging about it’s hidden meanings recently. […]

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