Do I Look Fat In This Blog?

July 16, 2008

Unlike many, I’m in favor of targeted advertising. I’m happy with the idea of seeing only ads that are relevant to my interests and needs.

But come on, don’t insult your target audience. The ad above showed up on my Facebook homepage yesterday. It says “47 Yr Male Overweight?”

Age and gender from my Facebook profile, I get it. But did you look at my picture and say “what a wide load?” Or are you just taking a shot in the dark on the ‘Overweight’ part? And this on the day I’m getting back to the gym! Forget it, I’m heading for the donut shop instead.

Today’s ad in the same position is worse. It offers to remove unwanted body hair.

Laugh all you want. At least I’m not in Zack’s Jimmy Choos. Facebook served him an ad headlined ‘Panty Time!’ He claims to not know why, but there’s gotta be something juicy in a profile on him somewhere.


7 Responses to “Do I Look Fat In This Blog?”

  1. Tawny Press Says:

    This is a interesting observation. I have been part of procurement for so long, I am usually oblivious to most advertising. It needs to be unique and eye catching to even get a glance from me.

    However, you are not the first to mention the ads on Facebook being annoying, and appearing to be directed to them directly, so I have been watching them over the past few days.

    Mine are female oriented, primarily, but all appear to be age specific. That seems similar to cable advertising, location, age, sex, interests.

    Your comment about Zack is interesting. It appears he is receiving a wider range, because I doubt Zack will be looking to purchase a pair of $500+ Jimmy Choo’s anytime soon ! What is interesting is it appears he may be targeted for a wider audience, because he has not only listed he is married (good guy), but also has a link to her profile (what a guy). One could conclude, Zack is not only receiving marketing towards his profile information, but also his wife.

    Now that is marketing genius on the part of Facebook. A great example of why these networks are collecting our information.

    Great observation and post.

  2. grinbear Says:

    Woof. Life is a risk. The rest is marketing. No, really. One of the reasons I blog is to identify, give an “Aarroo!” (Catahoula Laff) to the many ways that hoomans are soooo silly. And my hooman does the same in his own pathetic attempt at blogging. Thanks for the post. WW

  3. barryeverett Says:

    Have you seen my dog, Wayman Wynn, around here? He gets out sometimes and posts comments. Aahh, marketing and computers. A natural marriages, don’t you think. Back in my Mad Men days, we would have loved to let Ajax do the ad placement, so we could just go get drunk… eh?

  4. Sara Says:

    This is a funny post. I’d been lamenting on twitter about the ad on my FB page that said, “out of shape at 36?” (how did they know?) but recently it changed to a much more desirable, “Are you a hot mama?” I’ll take that over the truth any day!

  5. rsomers Says:

    Thanks Tawny & Sara for commenting! Yes, Zack generally prefers nothing flashier than a pair of sensible pumps. More seriously, I hadn’t thought about the idea that they are marketing ‘through’ him because they’re aware of his marital status & link to his wife’s profile.

    Sara, it’s good to know they’re starting to understand that it’s not enough to target – it’s equally important to send a message that we might actually want to respond to. And if my FB ad ever says anything near that flattering about me, I’ll take it as fact!

  6. rsomers Says:

    Grinbear & Barry, thank you guys as well! Wayman the Commenting Dog seems a lot more together than Triumph the Insult Comic Dog…

  7. Tia Says:

    That’s funny. I don’t think you’re fat at all! I always hate the ones on the side of my Facebook that tell me how to get the “super model diet.” And all I can think of is how I’m all ready on that one… Why do I need these ads when I already have an eating disorder. I wish there was some way to get them blocked or something. They can be annoying and insulting at the same time.

    ❤ BTW, love you’re blog

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