August 3, 2008

Of course you’re constrained. Who isn’t? You need a bigger budget, more headcount, broader reach, a more recognized brand. The harder you try, the tougher the going gets.

Some people keep trying but don’t get anywhere.

A lot of people quit trying. They say “I got the message. The organization doesn’t want to change.”

Some people respond by managing down the goals. They say “Freeing our index fingers is not realistic given our constraints. The goal is to type as well ax posible givn thar our index fingters are stuck togeter.”

This kid’s gonna keep trying different directions until something moves.

This kid’s not smarter than you are. He’s not more committed than you are. He ain’t no Harry Houdini. He’s just willing to try new directions and unwilling to quit.

Thanks to Archie McPhee Seattle for the image


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