It’s The Glue

September 19, 2008

Months ago, I blogged about scientists gluing Wii remote parts to flying lemurs. (Yes, it was a real headline, and yes, it really was tied to Marketing).

Since then I get 20-30% of my hits per day from the keyword ‘glue’. I tried to figure out why – that blog post isn’t on the first ten pages of Google Web search results for ‘glue’.

Finally figured out that I’m #1 on Google Image Search for ‘glue’ because of the picture I used. (The picture of the glue bottle below, not the picture of Paris Hilton with a Wiimote embedded in her head.)

Moral of the story: in Marketing you have to try a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which of them stick. But it’s worth trying to figure out, because then you can do more of them. Glue. Glue. Picture of glue bottle here. Sticky, clicky Elmer’s glue. C’mon Google, index me.

Glue, I said!


3 Responses to “It’s The Glue”

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  2. b Says:

    Haha. I actually got sent to this page based off the “glue” Google image search. It’s an excellent picture.


  3. Pete Says:

    Amazing – that is how I found you. I was looking for a picture of a glue bottle to use as a model for creating my own artwork. I’ll be sure to mention clue as much as possible!

    I had the same thing happen to me. I have an image on an old blog that shows an M1 Abrams crushing a car. Its one of the top images on Google for M1 Abrams. The funny thing is, it wasn’t my picture. I’m much more sensitive to IP now. For what ever reason the original picture just wasn’t well indexed.

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