Entrepreneur in Residence at House Wren Loop

December 20, 2008


I will miss Hoover’s. Yesterday was my last day. It was a great three-year run with a fantastic company, product and team. I wish them much luck and look forward to great things from them in 2009 and beyond. For me, now it’s time for something new.

First up: some time off with my family. In honor of that I changed my LinkedIn profile to “Entrepreneur in Residence at House Wren Loop, Pflugerville.”

Next up: something very new and different. I know exactly what it is but I ain’t saying yet. Right now the focus is on the time off. There probably won’t be much blogging or tweeting for the next two weeks.

I plan to have a warm and restful holiday season and an exciting New Year doing something I’m passionate about. (Could life be any better?) I wish you the same and look forward to staying connected in 2009.

photo by krisdecurtis


2 Responses to “Entrepreneur in Residence at House Wren Loop”

  1. Greg White Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been out of touch with end of year fire drills, but am finally getting a chance to slow down, relax and get some things done outside of work. Never got a chance to thank you for our discussion a few weeks ago, so my apologies for that oversight. Looking forward to hearing about your new challenges and staying in touch. Happy holidays.


  2. rsomers Says:

    Thanks Greg! I look forward to staying in touch and seeing what 2009 holds for us both!


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