If You’re a Regulator, Your Regulatee Is Not Your Customer

January 12, 2009

I’ve blogged time and again about the danger of using the popular oversimplification “internal customer.” Follow either of those links if you want, but the gist is this: your customer pays you money and you have a responsibility to provide value in return.

OK, the flow of money and value is not always easy to follow. I get that. And I am a free marketeer whenever that can be achieved without unreasonably compromising the public interest, so I get that we need to keep those troubled airlines flying and on a path to profitability.

But I don’t get this. Evidently FAA regulators have considered the airlines they regulate to be their “customer.” Coffee, tea or relaxed regulation?


One Response to “If You’re a Regulator, Your Regulatee Is Not Your Customer”

  1. Tawny Press Says:

    Everyone involved in the Aviation System pays taxes that support the FAA.

    Without the airlines, there would be no FAA regulator necessary. Indirectly, the airline industry pays the FAA.

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