Little Things are Big

April 27, 2009


Do something your competition doesn’t do because they think it’s too small to care about.

Take business cards (I know, how uncool in this post-paper world, but stay with me). Any printer offers an array of options designed to differentiate you. Pictures, textures, custom stock, unusual sizes. Those are OK options but they don’t give me a reason to want to do business in the way that a recent card did.

It was an ordinary card from a car salesman. Plain stock. Two or three colors. Nothing special at all.

Here’s what was special: a friend and her partner were car shopping, with their 14-year-old daughter in tow. The salesman greeted the friend and gave her a card. He did the same for her partner. Then he did the same for the 14-year-old daughter.

The 14-year-old won’t be buying a car for the next couple years, but it was still a good move. Of half a dozen salespeople, he was the only one to greet the 14-year-old, let alone treat her as respectfully as he treated the adults (and as a potential future customer, which she is). Guess where they’ll be buying their car?

A small thing that’s a big thing to a customer should be a big thing to you. Are you doing the small stuff that your customers notice and talk about?


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