Why Codgers Don’t Use MySpace

July 13, 2009

Interesting post on TechCrunch regarding the report Morgan Stanley published on ‘Why Teens Aren’t Using Twitter: It Doesn’t Feel Safe.’ Let me toss out two reactions:

  • It’s good insight but it relies heavily on anecdotal insight from one 15-year-old. Even for qualitative focus-group research, that’s a small sample.
  • If the conclusion that teens prefer Facebook because it’s a closed network is true, I worry about their Internet savvy. Leaving aside any considerations of Facebook’s terms of service, the idea that your updates are only between you and your friends is recklessly naive at best. You can’t control cross-posting and resharing any more than you can control gossip, so don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to see on the entire world’s Facebook wall. When my children become teenagers they’ll understand that. (I think the five-year-old already does, but she’s smarter than Dad).

Oh, and as far as the post title – I don’t know why codgers don’t use MySpace. Morgan Stanley might hire a 75-year-old intern so that they can answer that important question next. Me, I don’t use it because it annoys me and no one I want to interact with is on there. But I’m not a codger quite yet…am I?


2 Responses to “Why Codgers Don’t Use MySpace”

  1. Bill Fitzpatrick Says:

    Interesting post – I don’t consider anything on-line to be particularly safe if someone with any real means were to seek specifically to exploit it. That includes on-line banking. The point though is that most of us (but not all) are simply not interesting enough to attack. I also agree with you about our kids. I think most of them will understand the web is simply not a private place, once it leaves your network you no longer own or control the data. As for myspace – I stopped using it as soon as it turned into a swamp of bad graphics and middle school gossip. Unfortunately, it seems like lately Facebook is on the same path. :^(

  2. rsomers Says:

    Thanks Bill! The point you make about our kids understanding that there’s no true privacy on the web is why the Morgan Stanley report surprised me.

    Good to know your reasons for giving up on MySpace – but you’re even less of a codger than I am! 😉

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