About Russ Somers and Egghead Marketing

As a marketer I deliver results. I’ve helped Fortune 50 companies beat the competition in market share and profitability, I’ve helped a 300-person subsidiary of a major company go from chaos to control in launching products, and I’ve helped startups figure out how to go to market and make money. I’m a seasoned people leader, having led teams up to 20+ employees through change, but I’m comfortable rolling up my sleeves and doing it all myself in a startup.

I love product marketing but I’m also at home on the marketing programs side, and I’ve helped a large company enter social media marketing with award-winning results. Explaining complex concepts in the simplest possible way is a fun puzzle to solve, so technology is a natural fit for me. It’s also a good way to reconcile the left-brain data geek and right-brain intuitive problem solver that struggle for control of my persona.

The full resume is here on LinkedIn. I currently lead marketing for eCommerce video startup Invodo. Other experience includes marketing roles in Austin at Dell, Hoover’s Online / Dun & Bradstreet, SolarWinds and IBM / Tivoli as well as work in DFW at  Sabre Holdings. Software, hardware and Internet marketing are all within my range – both B2B and B2C.

I have an MBA from the McCombs School at the University of Texas at Austin and a Sociology degree from UT also.

I like to talk. Sometimes I do so in public at events including:

  • South by Southwest Interactive, “Cage Match: Social vs Video”, March 2011
  • Refresh Austin, “Free Ice Cream and Five Other Truly Evil Marketing Tricks”, January 2011
  • UT-Austin Brand Management class, “Online vs Offline Brand Management”, October 2010 and October 2009

As a person I’m a suburban dad in beautiful Pflugerville, Texas with a wife, two kiddos (one of each) and a big red brick house. We have a couple of rowdy dogs, one cat, three bearded dragons, a rabbit, a hamster and a ribbon snake.  I play guitar and bass and read a lot. I speak bad Spanish and marginally better English.

Disclaimer: This blog represents my thoughts and opinions. I do not speak on behalf of my employer or anyone else. However, please keep in mind that I am usually right. Link me, quote me, mash me up, remix me, do what you will as long as you attribute it to me. I’m a Creative Commons-kinda guy.

How to Contact Me:

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Twitter: @rsomers

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email: russ dot somers in the location of gmail expected punctuation mark com or use the form below


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