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Making it Sound Easy – Even When it’s Not!

April 8, 2010

Wow! Five easy steps! Signing on to wi-fi in a coffee shop normally requires one or two steps. Thanks for simplifying it for me!

I especially enjoyed the scavenger hunt for the Ripple TV (whatever that is). The code is in small letters, requiring customers to walk across the coffee shop. As long as you’re forcing your customers to jump through hoops, throw in one more: require them to do the ‘Hokey Pokey’ prior to connecting for even more fun!

Are you adding extra steps to the way you serve customers? Are they really necessary? (If the competition doesn’t find them necessary, they’re probably not. And you’re probably losing customers to that simpler competition). Recruiting a Marketing copywriter to make those extra steps sound easy and fun is the very essence of turd-polishing.


Precision Words

March 7, 2010

Sometimes you’re asked to contribute marketing copy to a non-marketing deliverable. Maybe a login page.

Here are the fields to fill in, here’s the ‘submit’ button…over here on the right, let’s fill it out with a little marketing copy. You know, just something that makes the customer feel good about logging in. Fluffy, feel-good marketing stuff. That’s what you do, right?

You’re the only expert in that meeting who understands this: marketing copy is a tool. Not a filler. Words either deliver or dilute the message.

So don’t let yourself be sent off with that blank template to fill out until you’ve answered the key questions. What is the goal of this login page? Who’s logging into what? Why would they want to? Why do we want them to?

Then go craft the language as a precision tool that accomplishes the goal as surely as a Phillips screwdriver slides into the crossed grooves. Edit ruthlessly. Suddenly marketing goes from being the fluffiest part of the business to the most disciplined and demanding team in the house. Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks to @chilkari for pointing out that this applies to ALL writing, not just marketing copy

photo by saebaryo